I love watching people

I’m a creep, I know that, let’s move on.

I love observing them.

How they read their books. How they ignore their books, leaving them on top of the table right by their coffee while using their phones.


The newspaper read in the underground, counting the stops left to walk through the door and just get rid of those shoes.

The headphones in place, shutting the whole world off while creating the most intricate scenes.


The occasional writer, looking for his next muse and the strike of inspiration.

Friends meeting in the street, wide smiles and tight hugs being shared.


Children looking at things as if everything is new and exciting.

The frown brow while fighting against the wind, planning what the rest of the day will look like. Or the rest of their life.

I love watching people. I learn more about human nature. I learn more about myself.


Love, Ana


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