Confession #1

I, Ana, have a confession to make.

This has been going on for a while… I can’t pin point the exact start. I never thought it would get this bad, the obsession is growing and growing… and with that my closet space is getting smaller and smaller.

I absolutely adore lace. It’s seriously getting out of hand, I can’t see a top or a dress with a little lace I’m heading that way without even noticing it!

And then, of course, whenever my boyfriend is with me he’ll point out how many lace pieces I already have. But lets be clear, they’re definitely not the same! The color is different, the cut, it’s a different length…. there’s always an excuse to add that extra piece that made my eyes glitter and my heart jump to my already clustered wardrobe.

I love the delicate feel it gives and pair it with something more rough to break it a little. I like to play around with layers, taking a piece from winter to summer with little effort.

I like to blame my mum, she’s the one that transmitted this better-be-carefull-with-my-wallet passion. Which is a plus from where I stand, this way I can raid her closet!

Love, Ana


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