Mustard Yellow

A color that has been seen quite a lot recently and one I have to admit makes my heart flutter.

A color filled with live, not for the faint of heart and those who wish to slide under the radar, making a statement in whichever piece you’re wearing.


I’ve been trying to be a little bolder and that’s how this lovely skirt from Topshop found its way to my wardrobe. I feel completely in love with the cut, the ruffled detail on the waist and the belt.

It’s a small step out of my comfort zone since I was never one to wear such figure hugging pieces because of my large hips, but I’ve recently come to the brilliant conclusion that as long as I’m having fun and I feel confident in what I’m wearing, all the rules fall to a secondary place. Also applies to the crop top I’m wearing. I probably shouldn’t, but paired with high wasted skirts and they’ve been a constant in my every day wear.

I went to a Beatles exhibition this weekend and I’m pretty sure I was worse than kids on Christmas morning. I was absorbing every single detail, picture, album and story behind it. Can you tell I love The Beatles?

Love, Ana

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