Paradise on earth

Thailand was as amazing as I had been dreaming. My expectations were going through the roof and this “little” paradise definitely delivered.

I don’t remember having such a cultural clash as I experienced here. Every little detail is completely different and new. There’s a typical smell in the air made up of food being cooked on the streets, way too many cars stuck in traffic jams and everything the city has to offer. I could not be more out of my comfort zone or happier to be there.

Bangkok was as chaotic and exhilarating as you’d think. Some of the tallest buildings make for a busy city and a breathtaking view at night.


A mandatory stop were the temples.

The amount of detail and colors, people speaking way too loud with a few prayers heard here and there, together with the typical smell, fill your senses entirely. And the heat! So so hot, it was a task in itself to move in such humidity, bottles of water were always in hand. We went to the Gran Palace and Wat Pho and I had to respect the dress code, which made for a simple black long dress and a salmon loose jacket to cover the shoulders as well. I also wanted to go inside the temples which meant I had to take my shoes off so I wore some sandals which were easy to take off.






We also got to see the biggest lying Buddha which is an extraordinary piece.


After the temples, that took all morning and still felt unfinished with several different secrets left, we went to the Backpackers street which is the coolest. Lots of little stores with pretty much everything you can imagine. (Also, cheapest things and food!)





At this point we were absolutely shattered so we just went back to the hotel and dived into the pool, only to be kicked out an hour latter because of the storm that came. Did I mentioned it was rainy season?

The next day we went to one of the things I was most curious and excited about: the floating market! it’s definitely something you can’t pass on, it’s so interesting and fun to explore this.




One thing I do have to admit is that it felt very touristy and “targeted”, which is a shame as most of the products being sold were the typical souvenirs you could also find in any other place. With that said, the trip is totally worth it as you get to see them cook in the boats, which is the coolest thing, and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Afterwards we also went to the biggest shopping mall I’ve ever seen with some of the most peculiar shops.
We do stumbled upon one of the so known streets of Thailand with their oh so famous clubs and bars, the Soi Cowboy street. For me, this was a shook for sure as having people so openly offering their “services” on the street is not something I see everyday.
Now, we do have to compromise in this house so we get a place with a cultural aspect and a little “lets take the rest of the day just laying in the sun and going for a swim”, which meant we went to Phuket to do just that.
We took a boat trip to the Phi Phi Island and did we get to paradise…. Words cannot express the beauty and calm of this place that, even though it is flowing with tourists, makes you feel relaxed from the get go. How could you not when you’re completely surrounded by such powerful nature, the water shines in colors you never though was real and the air feels lighter.



The next couples of days were spent between the beach, towel, pool and repeat.


We also went to the little village near the hotel but that was mostly for eating purposes.

And this ends our amazing trip this year. I’m so so grateful for having this kind of opportunities and this was one of those eye opening ones when it comes to my reality and what I take for granted.








Layers, you´re up!

It’s finally chilly and grey and all things winter and I love it! (Except the rain. Rain, you can leave now. Thank you!)

I’m not usually one for the cold weather, but this year I was getting rather impatient waiting for the temperatures to drop. I couldn’t wait to get my fluffy sweaters, long tick coats and colorful beanies and scarfs out.

Layering clothes is perfect for the cold weather and I always struggle to let my dresses go to the back of the drawer until spring starts to peek so I just got my black slip dress, add a tight white shirt, black tights and booties and top it off with one of my favorite jackets. The detail of the jacket got completely lost in the glooming weather, but it has a black and brown checked print and a black lapel, resembling a men’s jacket which is perfect to wear over a more feminine piece.

And lets not forget the cherry lipstick and my yellow pursue!



Waking up

I’m still in shock… I feel numb and everything sounds like background noise…

I’m struggling to find the words… Waking up to find the country that held the dream of liberty is now buried under racist, homophobic, misogynist views of a leader they chose is baffling… Voters failed the woman, LGBT, Muslims, Black, Latino community… No one knows what comes next, but the world sure seemed brighter yesterday…

“It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay though never quite eradicated.”

People need strength and to keep their head up.


We need love. Now.