Layers, you´re up!

It’s finally chilly and grey and all things winter and I love it! (Except the rain. Rain, you can leave now. Thank you!)

I’m not usually one for the cold weather, but this year I was getting rather impatient waiting for the temperatures to drop. I couldn’t wait to get my fluffy sweaters, long tick coats and colorful beanies and scarfs out.

Layering clothes is perfect for the cold weather and I always struggle to let my dresses go to the back of the drawer until spring starts to peek so I just got my black slip dress, add a tight white shirt, black tights and booties and top it off with one of my favorite jackets. The detail of the jacket got completely lost in the glooming weather, but it has a black and brown checked print and a black lapel, resembling a men’s jacket which is perfect to wear over a more feminine piece.

And lets not forget the cherry lipstick and my yellow pursue!



4 thoughts on “Layers, you´re up!

  1. Love the bag! Maybe in your next posts try to edit your pictures to make them look brighter because it’s a little hard to see the details of the outfit. I like the pose in the top right corner of the last mosaic, it’s nice and lighthearted 😛


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