All about the Poncho

The cold is slowly settling and one of the coziest ways to fight it is…

(drum roll here!)

a poncho!

Few things feel as good as wearing a warm blanket around you while out and about in those crisp winter days.


I went with a simple black outfit as I wanted the poncho to be my focus piece, so I just paired it with a basic jumper, jeans and boots. Add a purse that is the right size to carry my camera and I’m good to go.


I struggled a little when I first got this one, but adding a belt makes a world’s difference and it accentuates the waist, allowing me to have an actual shape instead of drawning in fabric.

And if I feel like I have a Superwoman cap flowing behind me while I strut down the street, that’s just an extra bonus.


I wore this awesome poncho to see the Joan Miró exhibition in Serralves. I have to admit his pieces are not my favorite but I found them quite interesting.